Dear Reader…

Thank you for happening upon this website! I have created this in hopes that it will educate people on the effects of pornography and create awareness for the growing problems that porn pose. Millions people have been affected by this, myself included, so I believe it is imperative to spread awareness about the consequences of watching porn, which often go unnoticed and unmentioned. This happens namely because porn affects people without them noticing, and is not often talked about because of its explicit nature.

I knew a lot about this topic before I began research, but I have learned even more since creating this website. I had researched before on the general social and psychological effects of porn on people, but after completing this project I now know specifically what happens in the brain when someone watches porn, and why this causes addiction and other changes in behavior.

I began researching these things in an effort to answer my main research question: How does watching porn regularly affect a person physiologically and socially? I wanted to find out about these two components of the effect because the effect of porn on the body and the body’s subsequent effect on behavior really interests me.

There are some great websites that provide information on porn’s effects that I used in order to gain general knowledge on the topic. These include,, and The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy’s page on pornography. I did my research for my essay from sources that I found on these sites, which included scientific journals, books, and websites. I also used a film that I watched, “Date My Porn Star,” as a source because it documented the life of both porn stars and addicts well and provided good information for my essay and artifacts.

I enjoyed writing my essay, as through that I was able to articulate my knowledge on pornography’s effects, which helped me to better learn and understand the topic. I also enjoyed creating my two other multi-genre artifacts, as they allowed me to express creativity and display information in ways that will hopefully percolate your mind and cause you to think about pornography in a different light.

I know that doing this research has caused me to ponder the effects that pornography has on the people in the porn industry, its users, and the world as a whole, and I strongly believe that it is only a proponent of disarray and disfunction. I hope that this website will show you the staggering effects of pornography, and that you will participate in the impetus for the lessening of it in our society.