A Letter From Porno Bob

Dear Porn Users,

Howdy, this is Porno Bob. In case you don’t already know, I run the popular porn website “lolcats13megahotbabes.net.” I’m in charge of casting, directing, and producing for all of our films, so if you want to know about the porn industry, I’m your guy. I’ll give you all the lowdown on what goes on behind the scenes.

First off, we’re all about profit. We always have been, but now that with the internet 90% of users only watch free porn we especially have to squeeze out as much cash as we can. This isn’t too difficult though – there’s practically a limitless supply of girls for hire, I’m well practiced at churning out multiple videos a day, and we have plenty of faithful customers of the website that generate ad revenue for me. Many of these customers will also pay for special events, such as live online shows and premium videos.

We do all we can to satisfy our viewers, and they demand a lot. The platform of porn watching that the internet has brought has people wanting greater quantities and more types of pornography. We’ve had to ramp up production as well as hire on screen talent that is willing to perform the risqué kind of sex that the users demand nowadays.

This includes sex with violence, painful anal sex, and hour-long sex. These girls have to have physical endurance and mental toughness to act in my shoots, but most of them don’t know that when they come in for casting.

During casting sessions most of the new girls think that they’re at an interview for a sweet gig that pays them for having sex, but they soon find out what more it entails. The intensity of the scenes affects them physically, like I mentioned before, but also they can be emotionally damaging. Nevertheless, I hire them all as long as they look the part and seem like they’ll perform well. The customers are hooked on novelty, so the more girls I can get to shoot films the happier they are, and the happier my wallet is. The girls aren’t doing too well financially though, they don’t get much money from the films so most of them take on side jobs of prostitution and the like so they can make ends meet.

Yep, it keeps getting harder for the workers of the porn industry. We’re hiring more actors for less money; all of these porn addicts are squeezing them dry of cash with their endless hunt for novel sex, and for free. It doesn’t matter to me though, except for I have to make more videos than I used to, but I’ve got plenty to get by. After all, porn is still a thriving business, generating $13 billion each year in the US. With money like that I’ll be around a while, and the supply of naive girls to act in the films won’t decrease any time soon. Yep, the industry is pretty successful now with all of the addicts we’ve got, and though the content is more risqué, I’d say we’re doing just fine, and in regards to my job security maybe even better than ever.


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