A Letter From Porno Bob

In this artifact I attempted to convey to the reader how the porn industry works through the perspective of a person who works in it. I based the character Porno Bob off of the real life pornography producer Porno Dan, who’s operations were displayed in the TV film “Date My Porn Star.” Porno Dan’s seeming heartlessness towards the girls in the films he directed and his nonchalant demeanor during extreme scenes made him an interesting person to base a character on that represents porn directors as a whole. I hope that Porno Bob’s perspective and insight into the porn industry further reveals it’s inner workings and its effects on those who work in the industry.

Addiction and Recovery

In this artifact I attempted to display the pains of addiction and the difficulty of recovering from it through accounts of porn addict seeking help on the forums of I think that this more than anything else will convey the harmful effects of pornography to the viewer because personal experiences and confessions are relatable and, more than anything else, authentic. They show firsthand how people who are addicted to porn feel when they start their recovery, when they fail in their recovery, and when they succeed. The changes that people document are incredible, and I hope that this video conveys them well to the viewer.


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