Wow, what a rush! Doing projects the day before and little bit after the day before is a rush am I right?

Actually yes, but I wish I had worked on this more before the day before it was due. I did not use my class time very well and did not keep up with the intermediate deadlines. However, I am proud of what I’ve done. I truly believe in this topic, and feel that I’ve conveyed its information well. I feel that I have satisfied the requirements of the rubric, except for grammar and syntax errors and such because, as I said, I did this in a small time-frame. I’m especially proud of my artifacts, because I think I successfully got information through while being creative, which is always a blast and ends up with products that are more engaging than boring academic stuff. I thought that writing the essay was very frustrating, simply because it is an academic essay. I got very bored and kept saying to myself, “this is so stupid I hate this,” because it was kind of boring to write, but I’m sure I’ll have to write a lot of papers like that in college so it’s good to do I guess, especially doing it last minute like I’ll probably do at least a couple times in college. My best source of information was, because it is a comprehensive website on the effects of porn, like mine except way more comprehensive. I think the Coolidge Effect is a very interesting component of my research, and it’s interesting how we are always searching for novelty, which not only explains the crazy amounts of internet porn addiction but also our ADHD tendencies with the internet and TV and checking our phones and stuff. This project differed from other academic papers in that I got to do fun things with it along with the boring thing which was the essay. Making the website was fun (and lol I noticed later it’s the same template as and the artifacts were very fun to make as well. I wish I had done this over a longer span of time, but I still spent a good amount of time and am proud of what I’ve created!


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